In The Works: Our First Collective Showing, “Tags Attached”

Hello loyal readers! *waves enthusiastically at Laura’s mom* I thought that this would be as good a time as any to introduce the premise of our first ever show. So go ahead, pull up a carpet square.

As artists, we work very hard to shape our ideas and impulses into something that is legible to someone else. Yet creating art is messy and often written in a strange language that only the artist really “gets.” If an outside observer were to go back and read the marginalia, she might come away with a better understanding, a greater depth of feeling, or a new perspective on the final product. Or she might be utterly perplexed.

For our first showing, we have chosen to purposefully hoard “artifacts,” or the byproducts of the creative process. Here is a well-known example of what we’re talking about:

The famous "Vitruvian Man." Not many know that the drawing is surrounded by notes on architecture.

And one slightly less so:

George, Paul, Ringo, and John lining up for the famous "Abbey Road" album cover

(By the way, does the above look familiar to anyone? Oh, right:
Pretty awesome, considering we were trying to mimic one photo and ended up with a weirdly similar outtake.)

Tangents aside, we’re calling the showing “Tags Attached” because the work comes with a documented history, with baggage. Our scribbles, rehearsal videos, solo improv sessions, and miscellaneous other material will be on show in a separate “museum” display at Gibney Dance Center, and audience members will be encouraged to look at all of our unpolished riffraff. It’s a bit nerve-wracking for us, but I think it reveals what we’re ultimately about: pursuing our own artistic paths in such a way that product and process are of equal importance.

It all goes down March 23rd at 6pm and March 24th at 2pm. Tickets can be obtained (for free!) here.

words: Liz Montgomery
media: Leonardo DaVinci, The Beatles, Samantha Siegel