Currant Events: a recap of “Tags Attached”

So it’s been a few weeks since our first showing (which went very well, thank you muchly) and we are all still recovering… in a good way. Both the evening and matinee were very near capacity and even though there was no admission fee, we made enough in donations to cut everyone in the collective a performance check. It was a fantastic feeling to be surrounded entirely by people who wanted for us to succeed.

Laura and Claire in Brighid's piece, "Tag Part 1," set to the sounds of a Beach Boys session in process

Our first performance taught us lessons we could not have learned any other way; lessons about setup, organization, finances, change-overs, communication, sharing responsibilities, oh how the the list goes on! We’ve already discussed all the ways we could have done better, not because we aren’t proud of what we accomplished but because we redcurrant berries see every mistake as a way to grow.

the gals, hanging out upside down and gossiping in my piece, "medi-evil"

On an artistic note, we got some great feedback about the differences and similarities in our work that will help us both to remain cohesive as a group and to continue to move in different directions. And now that we have a working repertory, we are planning on spreading out all over the city this summer for festivals and curated events. We have renewed our partnership with Gibney Dance for another year (woohoo!) and our commitment to supporting one another, artistically and as friends, has never been stronger.

Michael Gonzalez-Cameron, without whose voluntary efforts we would have been lost, looking fabulous as usual

Thank you to everyone who volunteered, attended, donated, and responded so articulately to our work. We can’t wait to see what the universe has in store for us next, and we hope you are right there to see it with us.

words: Liz Montgomery
photography: Meg Montgomery