Meet The Members: Julia Jurgilewicz

We’ve asked each of the ten RedCurrant members what they’ve been up to since graduating from Tisch and what they are looking forward to doing with the Collective in the next year.

Amidst a group of nine, radically active individuals, all of which hold down a minimum of two jobs and multiple side projects, there is invariably one organized person who manages to get them all together in one room at the same time. For RedCurrant Collective, that person is Julia. Ceaselessly scheduling with the help of our new favorite toy, Doodle, Julia still manages to always send an essential email, find one last typo before we go to print, and realize an impending disaster before any of the rest of us. Without her, not only would we never see each other; we’d probably all be spontaneously combusting.

Like many of us, Julia has been surprised by the various directions in which her career has wandered. Yet her resumé knows no equal in her eclecticism.  She has been a cover for the Met Opera’s production of Don Giovanni (and actually got to perform!), danced for one weekend with San Francisco-based company Levy Dance, acted as a consultant for the Charles Weidman Foundation, performed with Stacey Rose Collaborations, been in a commercial for the Guggenheim’s collection in Australia, and even appeared as an extra on “Law and Order.”

Like a few of her fellow berries, Julia is a part of Claudia Hubiak’s The Anata Project, a bi-coastal experiment in mindful dance creation. Whenever I encounter her, whether it be in the morning at Gibney Dance Center or for rehearsal at Triskelion Arts, Julia  is invariably coming from/going to another gig. Just the other day, she was explaining to me the recent stint she’d had as a be-sparkled backup dancer for a Canadian-Indian Bollywood singer. One thing’s for sure: JJ has got M-O-M-E-N-T-U-M, and she is dedicated to constantly finding new ways to keep dance a main focus. I count myself lucky to be among a very select few who can accurately spell her last name.

Thanks Julia!

Julia Jurgilewicz has never licked an eyeball. She likes to eat Irish-oatmeal-raisin cookies while folding laundry. Her favorite place to read fantasy fiction novels is the subway. One day, she would like to own a pig for a pet.

words:Liz Montgomery and Julia Jurgilewicz
photography: Samantha Siegel and Julia’s parents