Meet the Members: Sarah Hillmon

We’ve asked each of the ten RedCurrant members what they’ve been up to since graduating from Tisch and what they are looking forward to doing with the Collective in the next year.

Sarah is RedCurrant’s treasurer and ever-helpful number cruncher, and boy are we glad! While the rest of us were avoiding math classes like the plague in college, Sarah was tackling advanced trigonomics and algebrometry. She is currently serving as the general coordinator for our upcoming showing, Tags Attached.

Sarah spent most of the summer relaxing and took some time off to visit her family. She also explored her new neighborhood and took serious advantage of our Gibney Dance Center connection, meaning a lot of cleaning in exchange for ballet classes. She worked at good ol’ Macy’s in Rochester, NY and danced at Garth Fagan’s summer program. Sarah’s current day job is at Capezio where she helps to supply tights, leotards, and tiny black shorts to all manner of dancers… and sometimes regular people who are looking for Black Swan costumes.

She recently became an alternate with the Lucinda Childs Dance Company and has been rehearsing for an international tour of Philip Glass and Robert Wilson’ opera, Einstein on the Beach, with choreography by Childs. When she isn’t dancing, taking class, or working, you can find her at her home in Crown Heights where she lives with fellow collective member, Allie, and a cat named Dylan.

Sarah has seen a lot of us lately (in addition to rehearsing multiple pieces, she has also acted as a peer reviewer for our works in process), but she isn’t sick of us yet! As far as the future goes, Sarah hopes that we will continue making new works together and in doing so, get our names on the map.

Thanks Sarah!

Sarah Hillmon has never mastered the harmonica. She likes to drink extra strong coffee while watching Netflix movies. Her favorite place to daydream is in her head. One day, she would like to see the world.

words: Liz Montgomery and Sarah Hillmon
photography: Samantha Siegel and on of those school photographers