Other People Dancing: David Dorfman Dance’s “Prophets of Funk”

by redcurrantcollective

This evening I saw David Dorfman Dance perform Prophets of Funk at the Joyce. I’m still reeling from being on stage with the company and half of the audience at the end of the show. DDD really makes the idea of getting up on stage irresistible. Fellow berry Russell and I pushed our way out from the middle of a row to get up there. Berry Brighid (loving the alliteration in this post) was up there rocking out too! Mini RCC meet-up aside, the show was fantastic. Across a range of emotions and dealing with issues from love to race, the pairing of Sly and the Family Stone was honestly impeccable! I could not have asked for a better Tuesday night in January. I was actually so pumped and inspired after the show that I skipped the L Train and walked to Union Square (in just a short sleeve shirt and vest I might add…though I should also share this isn’t your run-of-the-mill miserably cold January evening, it was 50 degrees today. But still.)

Anyone who can divert my attention away from January earns a gold star in my book, but David Dorfman Dance with their boundless energy, fearless dancing, utter coolness, and of course FUNK blew it out of the water tonight. I’d say they are untouchable, but I personally, and the whole rest of those on stage, got to give David Dorfman a hug when it was all over.

Words: Allie Pfeffer
Dancing: David Dorfman Dance