Meet the Members: Russell Stuart Lilie

by redcurrantcollective

We’ve asked each of the ten RedCurrant members what they’ve been up to since graduating from Tisch and what they are looking forward to doing with the Collective in the next year.

Russell Stuart Lilie is perhaps the zaniest of us all. His ideas range from the slightly strange to the downright bizarre, and listening to his explanation of them is always entertaining (made more so if he happens to be wearing his poncho). Russell and Laura (also known collectively as ‘gossip girl & boy’ and sometimes ‘Ramona & Steve’ in their team emails to us) serve as our art direction team by creating projects to produce media that we can share with all of you! In the future, they will also be making big picture decisions about our RCC shows.

Since graduation, Russell has been working with the choreographic luminary Shen Wei on a project-to-project basis and has been on tour to some really cool places like Ljubljana (you don’t pronounce any of the J’s and only one of the L’s,) Slovenia and Reggio Emmelio, Italy (“that’s where they make Parmesan Reggiano cheese!!!”). Russell really likes cheese.

Russell and Brighid often work together under the name “Greene Lilie.” United by a similar movement aesthetic, they have forged ahead in making dance work and a class curriculum together. We can’t wait to experience their creations first hand! Russell is also a member of Claudia Hubiak’s bi-costal dance experiment, The Anata Project.

And as if all of this weren’t enough, Russell has been taking class, hanging out with friends, getting to know his new roommate, and figuring out how to be an adult.

Tune in soon for our next installment. Thanks Russell!

Russell Stuart Lilie has never sculpted a gargoyle. He likes to eat starfruit while sparkling. His favorite place to chimney sweep is the Star Fleet Academy. One day, he would like to hybridize azaleas.

words: Liz Montgomery and Russell Stuart Lilie
photography: Samantha Siegel and Russell’s parents