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Month: January, 2012

Other People Dancing: David Dorfman Dance’s “Prophets of Funk”

This evening I saw David Dorfman Dance perform Prophets of Funk at the Joyce. I’m still reeling from being on stage with the company and half of the audience at the end of the show. DDD really makes the idea of getting up on stage irresistible. Fellow berry Russell and I pushed our way out from the middle of a row to get up there. Berry Brighid (loving the alliteration in this post) was up there rocking out too! Mini RCC meet-up aside, the show was fantastic. Across a range of emotions and dealing with issues from love to race, the pairing of Sly and the Family Stone was honestly impeccable! I could not have asked for a better Tuesday night in January. I was actually so pumped and inspired after the show that I skipped the L Train and walked to Union Square (in just a short sleeve shirt and vest I might add…though I should also share this isn’t your run-of-the-mill miserably cold January evening, it was 50 degrees today. But still.)

Anyone who can divert my attention away from January earns a gold star in my book, but David Dorfman Dance with their boundless energy, fearless dancing, utter coolness, and of course FUNK blew it out of the water tonight. I’d say they are untouchable, but I personally, and the whole rest of those on stage, got to give David Dorfman a hug when it was all over.

Words: Allie Pfeffer
Dancing: David Dorfman Dance


Meet the Members: Russell Stuart Lilie

We’ve asked each of the ten RedCurrant members what they’ve been up to since graduating from Tisch and what they are looking forward to doing with the Collective in the next year.

Russell Stuart Lilie is perhaps the zaniest of us all. His ideas range from the slightly strange to the downright bizarre, and listening to his explanation of them is always entertaining (made more so if he happens to be wearing his poncho). Russell and Laura (also known collectively as ‘gossip girl & boy’ and sometimes ‘Ramona & Steve’ in their team emails to us) serve as our art direction team by creating projects to produce media that we can share with all of you! In the future, they will also be making big picture decisions about our RCC shows.

Since graduation, Russell has been working with the choreographic luminary Shen Wei on a project-to-project basis and has been on tour to some really cool places like Ljubljana (you don’t pronounce any of the J’s and only one of the L’s,) Slovenia and Reggio Emmelio, Italy (“that’s where they make Parmesan Reggiano cheese!!!”). Russell really likes cheese.

Russell and Brighid often work together under the name “Greene Lilie.” United by a similar movement aesthetic, they have forged ahead in making dance work and a class curriculum together. We can’t wait to experience their creations first hand! Russell is also a member of Claudia Hubiak’s bi-costal dance experiment, The Anata Project.

And as if all of this weren’t enough, Russell has been taking class, hanging out with friends, getting to know his new roommate, and figuring out how to be an adult.

Tune in soon for our next installment. Thanks Russell!

Russell Stuart Lilie has never sculpted a gargoyle. He likes to eat starfruit while sparkling. His favorite place to chimney sweep is the Star Fleet Academy. One day, he would like to hybridize azaleas.

words: Liz Montgomery and Russell Stuart Lilie
photography: Samantha Siegel and Russell’s parents

Meet The Members: Samantha Siegel

We’ve asked each of the ten RedCurrant members what they’ve been up to since graduating from Tisch and what they are looking forward to doing with the Collective in the next year.

Samantha Siegel is the other half of our web development and social media team (and she is by far our most prolific tweeter; check her out on Twitter here). Samantha serves as a Social Media Consultant with Design Brooklyn for Jordan Matter Photography and his Dancers Among Us project.

If we had a “photography” team in RedCurrant, Sam would be it! She took basically all the photos at our first shoot and has since been spotted snapping pictures all around the city. She spent New Year’s Eve 2011 covering the final performance of the Merce Cunningham Dance Company and also shot WestFest at the Merce Cunningham Studio (wow!). She was even published in December’s issue of Dance Magazine (double wow!) You can check out her photo work here. Sam has also assisted with behind the scenes shots with Jordan Matter for Dancers Among Us and the Paul Taylor Dance Company 2012 Moving! Campaign.

Samantha is in LOVE with swing dancing (and she is using this post as a platform to tell the world that Gene Kelly’s DO still exist!). Sam is currently a dancer with the Big Apple Lindy Hoppers. She will be performing with Ground Grippers Dance Company (which fuses swing & Lindy-Hop with modern dance) in Cirque-Off at Triskelion Arts this Friday, January 20th!

Tune in soon for our next installment. Thanks Sam!

Samantha Siegel has never been bored. She likes to eat nutella while not being bored. Her favorite place to do things is everywhere. One day, she would like to meet every person in the world.

words: Allie Pfeffer and Samantha Siegel
photography: Samantha Siegel (shot by Ben Olk and Julia Jurgilewicz, respectively) and Samantha’s mom

Meet the Members: Laura Gilbert

We’ve asked each of the ten RedCurrant members what they’ve been up to since graduating from Tisch and what they are looking forward to doing with the Collective in the next year.

Laura Gilbert is half of the Art Direction team, and resident humorist of RedCurrant Collective. She spent her immediate post-graduation days playing board games and making grilled cheese for the two lovely daughters of Patricia Hoffbauer. Laura met Patricia last year in school when she was one of Second Avenue Dance Company’s guest choreographers.

For much of the summer, Laura worked part-time at Gibney Dance Center to help them prepare for the launch of their new and expanded rehearsal space. She laid the foundation for the wonderful relationship the Collective now enjoys with GDC. She also assisted Phoebe’s uncle in producing a music video. Talk about multi-talented!

Currently, Laura nannies for a family in Brooklyn, shuttling the two children from school and between various activities. With her endless capacity for helping others and incredible energy, we just know that she can do ANYTHING….be it making gourmet after-school snacks or tutoring math!

Other than chasing her charges all over the park, yoga has been Laura’s go-to activity of late. She has really missed taking dance class with all of our former classmates, but she is psyched to be back in the studio once again in preparation for the collective’s upcoming showing.

Thanks Laura!

Laura Gilbert has never joined The Joy Luck Club. She likes to eat The Grapes Of Wrath while pondering The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-time. Her favorite place To Kill A Mockingbird is Where The Red Fern Grows. One day, she would like to Pat the Bunny.

words: Allie Pfeffer and Laura Gilbert
photography: Samantha Siegel and Laura’s parents