Meet the Members: Brighid Greene

We’ve asked each of the ten RedCurrant members what they’ve been up to since graduating from Tisch and what they are looking forward to doing with the Collective in the next year.

The multi-talented Brighid Kerrigan Greene is one half of our web development and social media team. B spent this summer watching hours of dance footage and managing social media for Dance Films Association. While working on a project to make 3D movement films a more widespread reality, she hooked up with Tendu TV, and has been interning there ever since. B serves on the Dance NYC Junior Committee where she helps to plan social and outreach events for New York’s dance community.

When she’s not dancing or rockin’ it out in her cubicle, B teaches Pilates at Hunter college, appears alongside RedCurrant’s favorite band (Bad Nancy), babysits, and rides her bike everywhere. Literally, everywhere. There is not a meeting or rehearsal that B comes to without her hot, yellow wheels in tow.

In her own words, the thing B wants most right now is to “Dance dance dance dance. I miss the tired feeling after dancing all day long. I find that I am antsy now. I would love to do a show in an unruly space, break all the rules right away. And I would also love to really begin to support and sustain each other (go take yoga class from Claire and Liz, etc.) I want to present high quality and thoughtful dance and really make it clear from the get go that we mean business.”

Tune in next week for our next installment. Thanks Brighid!

Brighid Greene has never been six feet tall. She likes to eat braised octopus while pruning lemon thyme. Her favorite place to chill is Pfeiffer State Beach on a foggy, summer morning. One day, she would like to have an Afghan Hound because they would be lookalikes.

Words: Liz Montgomery and Brighid Greene
Photography: Samantha Siegel and Brighid’s parents